On the House Breakfast

On the House Breakfast

This monthly event was started almost 19 years ago by a group of men in the Discover Life Church and members Jim and Debbie Murray. At that time the men had been going to the Navigator Retreats in Tahoe and they started a new Sabbath School class and this community outreach in response to the challenge posed in Tahoe to "make a difference in your church and your community". When the Murrays moved away, Steve and Teri Baker took it over. 

Steve stated, "We have been doing this community outreach monthly, having missed maybe only two Sunday's in our history. We usually serve between 200-300 each month. It is a real focus of the Tuolumne City community each month not just for breakfast, but we also have Foodbank donations, clothing and literature available for those interested. Many of the guests are homeless but for many others, it provides a venue for them to eat, relax or just talk to neighbors".

Charlie McKelvey who assists the Bakers in the outreach says, "In addition to helping with serving breakfast each month, there is a lot of work in preparation for On The House. Volunteers collect day-old bread donations from the local markets, others help in preparing food to be served at the breakfast and we also collect donations of eggs from a valley chicken ranch and Diestel's Turkeys have been donating turkey since this ministry began. Costco runs for the disposable are necessary as well. We realize that not everyone who wants to help can do so on Sunday mornings so we are always looking for people to help during the month as we prepare for our Sunday meal. We continue to look for new volunteers and others to support this ministry with their time, talent or treasure!"

The team starts at 7:30 AM with introductions, assignments, a brief devotional and prayer. They open at 8:30 AM to a line of people and food is served until 10:00 AM. The cleanup is completed by 11:00 AM. This community outreach is available to all who are interested in making a real difference in people's lives. If you attend church on Sundays, you can join them before or after services. They can use volunteers early, late, some of the morning or all of the morning!

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